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VERSO Capital - 2021 Report

2021, beyond the Matrix

Another year has passed. VERSO Capital will soon be celebrating its fifth birthday. What does it mean for us, for our investments and for our investors.


What would the Matrix be without time. At VERSO, we realized that time was the perverting, vicious ally of progress, one that does not let go and makes no concession. Understanding where we stand today (ie how much time has passed to get where we are) is key. Call it: chronology.

2017-2019: launched VERSO, with a shy and tensed attitude, focused on choosing a name that would mean something to us, (re)visited the model or the way we do business while being transaction-driven, shared the concept of VERSO with many and gathered early support;

2020-2021: organized our holdings and our group, amplified the number of transactions led by and arranged by VERSO, expanded our brand name, executed on every single investment with a intransigent mix of sweat, hard work and humility;

2022: it will be all about realizing our full potential, becoming a leading global fintech player.


Inside the Matrix, structure provide the playing field. At VERSO, our securitization platform is the conduit of every transaction we arrange. Clear, efficient, stable our structure provides a solid foundation and a solid footing. Structure is what allows VERSO to be what is, to do what it does, to excel further. In 2021, VERSO has grown from 6 compartments to a total of 28. Structure is home to VERSO.

Structure is embedded in our Reversed Model, the definition that pertains to everything we do at VERSO. Our Equity Partners, coming together to execute their transactions, have proven that our model works and produces incredible results.

In the August 2021, VERSO organized its group with the launch of VERSO Holdings, in full control of the VERSO Group and its underlying ecosystem of investment funds and vehicles.


In our late 2020 Report, we shared a hint about a number of investments. In 2021, we did lead TurtleTree Labs Series A with USD 20,000,000. We did deliver on NITRO Beverage's Series Seed. We did advise GOOD Meat by contributing over USD 70,000,000 in new capital to boost the world's first cellular meat. One of our famous banking partner would most like state about VERSO: "VERSO will not rest".

In 2022, our investments will continue to support wonderful leaders and their incredible companies on a mission to make our lives much, much better:

  • TurtleTree Labs

  • EAT Just

  • CarbonClick

  • DEADHappy

  • BETTER Brand



  • NITRO Beverage



VERSO is bound to deploy its MVP fintech platform in 2022Q3. Becoming the leading, global merchant bank means leading on the tech front. Count on us to lead the way with proprietary tech to back our global growth and operations, facilitating our capital raising, backing our portfolio companies in the most efficient way, tracking performance with the use of advanced automation.

In less than 4 years, we have built a USD 100 million fintech company with our sweat and dedication; without raising a single cent from investors. VERSO is committed to surprising you and to direct all of its focus and energy to building the new gen merchant bank. Yup... we are on a mission and we are fully committed to it.

Thanks are in order

Warm, deeply-felt thank you to each and every investor, family and partner. VERSO can only do what it does, going beyond the Matrix, because of each one of you. The progression described in this 2021 Report is barely touching upon the most important element of all: trust. And for that, we shall ever be grateful to you.

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