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VERSO as a Leading Fintech 
In the Works

VERSO: next gen Fintech

Proprietary Tech

Designed & developed to
be a SuperHuman Front & Back Office

Dynamic Engagement
with Investors & Partners

Automation at the Heart
of its System

Scalable, Robust, Adaptive
Allowing for PE / VC Portfolios 

VERSO launched its proprietary Fintech project, nicknamed CONCLUDER, in February 2021.

The Vision is to build a first-of-its-kind financial management platform, designed and developed to address a number of key issues within the complex realm of Alternative Asset Management, including but not limited to:

- scalability requirements

- administrative burden

- agility of process 

- management of Investor Relations

- monitoring of portfolio

Whereas the majority of Fintech startups around the world have focused their business plans on basic banking engagement (including better FX and personal finance management) or on crypto assets, VERSO deploys resources to give birth to its unique platform.

At term, CONCLUDER should allow for a variety of complex transactions to take place within its platform, including:

- Private Equity

- Venture Capital

- Real Estate

- Debt & Debt Refinancing

The initial phase, consisting in general project management, wireframe design, scope of technological development, completed in January 2022.

The next phase is planned to run from February to September 2022 and allow for the launch of the MVP, directly onto Android and iPhone devices, for better outreach and easy use by VERSO's networks, Investors and Partners. 

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