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Backing True Innovation

VERSO is dedicated to backing major technological progress at the heart of world-leading innovation. Unique IP that impacts most of us during our lifetime and beyond.

What Makes Us Special

A Firm Unlike Any Other

We invest. We advise. We execute.

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VERSO is a high-conviction investor. Our investment theses involve over time looking at the world we live in and visualizing the word we wish to live in. 


Unlike most PE and VC investment and asset management firms, VERSO has chosen to invest in a sharply-selected and limited number of companies ; those rare companies. that trigger in us the intellectual curiosity, the business stamina and the personal intimacy we seek.

VERSO is sensitive to impact investing and to human capital development. Our overall conviction is that humanity must evolve from the industrial era to the sustainable era, an age of wisdom that should ultimately strive to create a relevant system of education inspiring self-confidence and resilience, a better food system that disrupt its reliance on animal-based primary products and a well-thought, equally-distributed energetic grid to provide the power, water and access every human requires to grow and to offer their families a better life.

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High Conviction & Concentration.

Trusted by 850+ Investors.

Re-Thinking Venture Capital.

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