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VERSO Capital

The concept of VERSO Capital ("VERSO") was born with a single purpose in mind: becoming the leading global merchant banking firm. 


Our Partners are top achievers and financial experts who have an impressive track record, an unshakable focus on results and the most positive mindset striving for our clients' success. VERSO engages in exclusive mandates and investment opportunities for its qualified and institutional clients in order to make a difference.

Our search for excellence separates us from other firms. Our expertise in Merchant Banking advisory cuts us apart from any other financial firms. Our Partners individually embody what VERSO means.

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Our Values

The key principles we use in our relationships

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defined for each Mandate per Engagement or per Client


direct to Principals and Boards of Directors


in transparency and in confidentiality with each Client


For its dedication, Verso works with the combination of Retainers & Completion Fees


all work performed is defined within the Mandate signed with each Client

What Makes Us Special

A Firm Unlike Any Other

We advise. We execute. We invest.


Uncompromising Partnership

VERSO is the union of individual Partners who have made the single decision to gather their expertise, their capabilities and their network in the center. Like any Partnership, it takes a high degree of Commitment and hard work to achieve one's Vision. The Governance of VERSO has been designed to last centuries, giving our Partners a home for their work and their Achievements.



VERSO has designed a unique OM in order to i) optimize its time at our clients' side, ii) reduce effortlessly any risk and inefficiencies and iii) provide Partners world class resources to generate tremendous impact. No compromise will ever be made on high-level delivery and execution. Resilience is found in every engagement we take, every promise we make.



Technology has influenced the most recent disruptions affecting Finance and Banking, globally. VERSO owns its proprietary software and applications in order to remain ahead of the tech curve and to rely on advanced Artificial Intelligence to support complex transactions. With VERSO App, our Partners offer their Clients access to our off-market deal flow and to ConcluderTM, a smart transactional module.

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Our Management Team


Julien Machot

Managing Partner

Daniel Baumslag


Denis Matthey


Anand Sethia


Alain Yacine


Frederic Demargne


Enguerrand Elbaz


Chris Harvey

External Counsel

Robert Fenner

External Counsel

Frederic Dupont

External Counsel

Dupont & Partners, LU

Andrew Stewart

Board Advisor

Simone Alfredo

Board Advisor

Steve Kim

Board Advisor

Arie Assayag

Board Advisor

Chris Coleridge

Board Advisor

James Stewart

Board Advisor

Laurent Elbaz

Board Advisor

Eric Sarasin

Board Advisor

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Our Advisory Board

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Trusted by UHNW families, Globally.



VERSO is a high-conviction investor. Our investment theses involve over time looking at the world we live in and visualizing the word we wish to live in. 


Unlike most PE and VC investment and asset management firms, VERSO has chosen to invest in a sharply-selected and limited number of companies ; those rare companies. that trigger in us the intellectual curiosity, the business stamina and the personal intimacy we seek.

VERSO is sensitive to impact investing and to human capital development. Our overall conviction is that humanity must evolve from the industrial era to the sustainable era, an age of wisdom that should ultimately strive to create a relevant system of education inspiring self-confidence and resilience, a better food system that disrupt its reliance on animal-based primary products and a well-thought, equally-distributed energetic grid to provide the power, water and access every human requires to grow and to offer their families a better life.

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Re-Think by Design

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