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Selected Transactions

VERSO is active in primary investments in Private Equity, Venture Capital and Real Estate. Please discover the current transactions managed by our team.


Metaverse / Gaming
United States / Global

An active Metaverse investor, VERSO Capital has formed a deep conviction about the latest UNreal Engine v5. Join us in our latest investment in EPIC Games.


Luxembourg / Global

CONCLUDER innovates in the space of investment management and fintech - building a AI-powered alternative investment platform for all qualified and professional investors.


SAAS / Climatech
New Zealand / Global

In combatting climate change, innovator CARBONCLICK delivers SAAS tech solutions that support their clients in B2C and B2B. Recent work with airlines is paving the way for other sectors. Exciting times in climatech with their new Series A 2022 led by VERSO Capital


Early-Stage VC Fund

VERSO X is a proprietary investment program aiming at deploying capital in the utmost supportive way in early-stage start-ups.

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