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VERSO X is a proprietary investment program aiming at deploying capital in the utmost supportive way in early-stage companies.

VERSO X understands how critical early stage is, especially how the founders' focus and energy should not go into fundraising but rather into establishing the solid basis for the company. VERSO X also recognizes that many founders are concerned about their next financing, post angel money and tend to limit their potential due to these worries.

VERSO X invests on the basis of USD 50,000 for 5% in shares, on a post-money basis only while committing to top-up with another 5x or no less than USD 250,000 - making its program one of the most supportive to founders worldwide at a very early stage.

In addition, VERSO X prefers to lead the next financing event, might it be with equity, debt or hybrid financing printing confidence in the founders and expressing it to all investors. This level of support may have such a positive impact on the future of a young company, VERSO X does not hesitate and will always choose to be daring and bold.

Founders may reach out to the VERSO X team, pitch their business, provide due diligence documentation - anytime, anywhere. In VERSO X, there is no long waiting list, no specific period to apply, no delay to engage and to receive feedback.

Capital deployment is typically as fast as 2 weeks - including the introductory call, full due diligence, follow-up questions, legal subscription and completion.

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