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V E R S O  X

VERSO X is a proprietary investment program aiming at deploying capital in the utmost supportive way in early-stage companies.

Welcome to VERSO X

Welcome to VERSO X


VERSO X understands how critical early stage is, especially how the founders' focus and energy should not go into fundraising but rather into establishing the solid basis for the company.


VERSO X also recognizes that many founders are concerned about their next financing, post angel money and tend to limit their potential due to these worries.

VERSO X prefers start-up companies with a bold vision. Here are our key criteria for our investment selection:

  • category-defining

  • bold, visionary, sustainable

  • deep(er) tech and IP generation

  • novel product / service

  • new business model and revenue generation

  • last, but not least, a better use of human capital