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Our Team


At VERSO, the definition of our team reflects our values and our focus on what matters the most: execution. VERSO is organized around individual flexibility and independence meaning we have no Human Resources, no heavy and indigest policies. However, we all share the same values, including commitment, loyalty, transparency.

Since early 2017, we have built our partnership on the basis of success and execution, not on that of hierarchy, rank, status, etc. VERSO's Reversed Model expresses some of the pilar to our philosophy addressing the value of our work and of our time.

VERSO revalues human capital in a courageous way: we trust each other and as Partners we perform together. This is the value of our human capital, this is the contribution of each one of our Partners expressed in VERSO.

VERSO exists because of each and everyone's personal contribution and dedication - that is the essential, magical ingredient in our mix. Truly impressive professional investors with daring inspiration, bold sense of execution, unshaken commitment.

Building VERSO rhymes with strengthening the core values of our partnership. As mentioned in recent press releases, VERSO is family first and foremost. Each one of our Partners and Advisors is a member of our family.

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Our Management Team

A seasoned team that manages all selected transactions and delivers results. Grounded in sectoral and financial experience, our skill set allows for performance.

Julien Machot

Managing Partner

Shin Yee Lee

Marketing Officer

Anand Sethia


Talal Chamsi-Pasha


Daniel Baumslag

Managing Partner

Alain Yacine

Partner / LATAM

Robin Doble


Enguerrand Elbaz


Frederic Demargne

Chief Operating Officer

Helena Lim Poole


Guillaume Daguise


Our Advisory Board

VERSO is blessed to count on key Board Advisors who bring wisdom and perspective to strategic decision-making that impact our Group and support our Management Team in its endeavors.


Eric Sarasin

Board Advisor

Frederic Dupont

Board Advisor & General Counsel

Majid Kaddoumi

Board Advisor


Our Legal Team

VERSO is backed by committed, highly-reliable Counsels. Their contribution to our business is priceless. Their professionalism equals their commitment to VERSO.

Frederic Dupont

General Counsel - Dupont & Partners, LU

Chris Harvey

External Counsel - Harvey Esquire, US

Taylor Wessing

External Counsel - Taylor Wessing, UK


Our Tech Team

VERSO has selected established IT and software development firms in order to lead in fintech applications, including our own Operating System.

LIFERAY - logo-full-color-2x.png


Tech Development

LIFERAY - logo-full-color-2x.png


Tech Development


Our Admin Team

Supporting VERSO Fund, IFS Infinity Fund Services is a regulated Administrator under the auspices of the FSC Financial Services Commission, in the BVI British Virgin Islands.


Fund Administration

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